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Saturday 9 December, Lee Valley VeloPark

Whether you are new to indoor rowing or an experienced rower, good technique is key to effective training and a successful race. Check out double Olympic Champion Alex Gregory’s guide to good indoor rowing technique.

For a full break down and advice on perfecting your technique check out the indoor rowing pages on the British Rowing website.

8-week beginner training plan

If you are entering BRIC for the first time or returning to the indoor rowing machine, we have created an eight week indoor rowing training plan to get you ready to race. The training plan consists of various workouts and builds up steadily to row 2,000m in a race setting.
Intermediate and advanced training plans will be available shortly.
Let us know how your training is going on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #BRIC17 and @britishrowing.

Ideas to help you train when you are really busy

Fitting training in with a hectic life can be difficult, the great thing is most gyms and rowing clubs have indoor rowing machines, and most of them are often available. You can nip in on your way home, before work or at lunch time for a quick twenty minute work out that uses 85% of the muscles in your body and will get you race ready.
Simply pop in your headphones, jump on the rower and follow our Go Row Indoor twenty minute workout video, which is on our YouTube channel here.

Check out British Rowing’s Go Row Indoor website here for more top tips on indoor rowing.


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