Three more GB crews into semi-finals

Britain had two Olympic and one world medallist on duty in this afternoon’s repechage, or "second chance", events at the BearingPoint Rowing World Cup in Munich.
All three booked passage to the semi-finals by winning as did the young men’s double of  Alex Gregory and Colin Smith who were second in their repechage

This means that Britain now has nine semi-finalists in total.  Six more crews have repechages tomorrow with a berth in Sunday’s finals at stake.

The only crew yet to race here is the Camelot-sponsored women’s quadruple scull where the entry allows for a straight final. Each of the crews involved in this event will race tomorrow afternoon to decide on the lane draw for the final on Sunday.

In this afternoon’s repechages Debbie Flood, one of the Olympic medallists, won from the front in 7:51.65 in the slower of the two women’s singles repechages.

Kieran West and Josh West, 2000 Olympic eight champion and twice world four silver medallist respectively, repeated the feat in the men’s pair in a time 6:46.86.

Alex Gregory and Colin Smith were involved in a tight finish to the men’s double and came away in second place in a time of 6:33.12.

Munich is the second of three world cups this season.  Eton hosted the first leg, the third will be in Lucerne in mid-July. This year’s world championships are in late August and early September in Gifu, Japan.

=============================== ===============================
BearingPoint World Cup
Munich, 17-19 June
(crews from bow to stroke plus cox)




Single scull

Repechage 2
1.  Debbie Flood (GREAT BRITAIN)  7:51.65
2.  Majda Jerman (Slovenia)  7:55.41
3.  Veronika Jakoubkova (Czech Rep2) 7:57.12
4.  Gaelle Buniet (France2) 8:01.13
5.  Tine Schoeyen (Norway)  8:13.09

Rep 1 won by Sophie Balmary (France1) 7:40.79



Repechage 2
1.  Josh & Kieran West (GREAT BRITAIN)  6:46.86
2.  Goran Jagar/Cedomir Nikitovic (Serbia & Montenegro)  6:50.29
3.  Dawid Paczes/Lukasz Kardas (Poland 2)  6:50.83
4.  Marc Stephens/John Forde (Ireland)  6:55.32
5.  Oleg Polyanin/Anton Tchermashentsev (Russia)  6:58.07
6.  Jan Ventruba/Tichy Martin (Czech Republic)  7:04.46

Rep 1 won by Laurent Cadot/Fabien Sant (France)  6:42.22

Double scull

Repechage 2
1.  Michal Sloma (Poland)  6:31.59
2.  Alex Gregory/Colin Smith (GREAT BRITAIN)  6:33.12
3.  Florian Stofer/Olivier Gremaud (Switzerland)  6:33.59
4.  Jean-Baptiste Macquet/Ronan Matthieu (France) 6:41.69
5.  Igor Kuzmin/Andrei Silin (Estonia)  6:43.31
6.  Mostafa Barakat/Mohamed El Tohami (Egypt)  6:45.95

Rep 1 won by Dmitro Prokopneko/Volodimir Pavlovskij
(Ukraine)  6:29.49

The GB lead men’s sweep boat and lead women’s boat are both sponsored by Camelot.