Go Row Indoor Online Training Module

Whether you are looking to improve your performance on the rowing machine, or that of a client, or you just want to know where to start, the Go Row Indoor online workshop is a great way to learn more about indoor rowing technique.


What is Go Row Indoor?

Go Row Indoor is British Rowing’s indoor rowing programme aiming to get everyone rowing whether it be for fun, fitness or competition

What will I learn on the Go Row Indoor online workshop?

The workshop covers:

  • Details of the Go Row Indoor programme
  • How to set up the machine – and the reasoning behind why this varies for different individuals
  • British Rowing technique – we break the stroke down into four main areas; the start position, the drive, the finish position and the recovery
  • Technique drills – exercises you can do to improve your technique on the machine

Further training

Fitness professional training

Go Row Indoor Club programme

For more information about our virtual and in-person indoor rowing workshops, please email [email protected] or complete our enquiry form.

Who is the workshop aimed at?

The online workshop is available to anyone who wants to learn about indoor rowing technique.

For beginners, this workshop will show you how to set the machine up appropriately for yourself as well as the correct indoor rowing technique that will ensure you get the most out of your workout on the indoor rowing machine.

For current indoor rowers, this workshop provides more information about why set up on the machine is so important, and how to improve your technique using simple exercises and drills. This workshop can also support your knowledge to help fellow rowers improve their technique as well as encourage friends and family members to start indoor rowing.

For instructors, this workshop will give you the starting tools you need to support and improve your clients’ performance on the indoor rowing machine. This is an excellent pre-requisite to undertake before attending one of our official Go Row Indoor training workshops to become an official Go Row Indoor Instructor.

How long is the online workshop?

The online workshop should take you no more than one hour. It consists of interactive video content with some quiz questions to test your knowledge as you progress.

How much does the Go Row Indoor online workshop cost?

The online workshop is now FREE for anyone to access as a first step into supporting your indoor rowing instructor journey.

How do I access the online workshop?

To sign up to the online workshop you will need to follow the quick and easy below instructions:

  • Sign up to create a user profile on the British Rowing website here if you don’t already have one
  • Check your email to validate your email address
  • Follow this link and log into our online learning platform RowHow using the same details you created for your profile. If you already have a user profile, simply sign in using these login details
  • Search for Go Row Indoor Online workshop and then click enrol to get started.

For more information or help in accessing the workshop, please email [email protected].

Why Go Row Indoor?

There are many great reasons to Go Row Indoor

Anyone can do it, it is great for core strength, efficient for fat burning and easy to learn and access.

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