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The Rower Development Guide

The Rower Development Guide is British Rowing’s unique interactive tool to help coaches and rowers develop. It gives coaches an overview of their rowers and areas for their development, whilst helping rowers learn the appropriate athletic, physical literacy and knowledge to help progress safely and enjoy the sport for longer.

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Free to all British Rowing Members

Built for the Riverbank

Being built for the riverbank means you can help inform your plans on the go and shape discussions between rowers and coaches for a more focused session.

Use the Rower Development Guide on the go on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop with an internet connection so that you can update your guide as soon as you’ve got off the water.

You can even install the guide as a web app to launch straight from your home screen.

Customise to you

Set up your own personal development guide unique for you. Create your individual rower profile to show areas of your rowing and underpinning knowledge you may be able to develop.

Customise the guide to show information that is only relevant to you from the following options:

  • Location
  • Water type
  • Boat type
  • Adaptive classification

Develop and Progress

Work your way through the five “Development Pillars” split across four levels within the guide. Each has a different list of areas and competencies for you to
complete. The five pillars are:

  • Technical Development
  • Fitness
  • Athleticism
  • Knowledge, Understanding & Application
  • Ethos & Behaviours

Earn Rewards

As rowers you’ll work through the guide tracking your strengths and areas for improvement, completing competencies, and filling up your dashboard to become a more developed rower.

Once you’ve completed each level you can purchase your medal from Row the Distance to reward yourself and show off how you’re progressing!

Coaches also have access to certificates to reward rowers as they complete each level of each pillar available free to download and print off from the resources section.

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Helpful tools for Coaches

A dedicated section for coaches to support the development of their rowers and groups.

  • Get an overview of all the rowers in your club
  • See the development of your rowers individually or as groups.
  • Set up groups to compare smaller numbers of rowers.
  • Confirm competencies rowers can complete.
  • Have access to a wealth of resources all available on the guide.
  • Have an overview of the entire guide with what competencies are set up for a specific rowing environment.

* To have access to the coaches section you must be marked as a coach on your club’s ClubHub account.