Shuffled pack behind leaders

Today’s 1900m time trials at the GB Rowing Senior Trials in Belgium produced predicted leaders going into tomorrow’s semi-finals as well as a shuffled pack behind them.  

Katherine Grainger, Alan Campbell, Mark Hunter and Helen Casey were predictably fastest in qualifying in the men’s and women’s open and lightweight single scull contests. Peter Reed and Andy Hodge were winners in the men’s pair whilst Carla Ashford (pictured) and Alice Freeman won the women’s pair – this latter event now goes to a straight final rather than semis.
Beth Rodford and Tina Stiller caught some attention in the women’s single scull by coming home ahead of their more established team-mates Elise Laverick and Sarah Winckless – although the latter had to restart her time trial after equipment problems in the  opening metres.

Alex Gregory, who has emerged from the ARA’s world class start programme sponsored by Siemens, did well to come home third in the men’s single scull behind Campbell and Stephen Rowbotham.

Meanwhile Tom Stallard and Robin Bourne-Taylor, third in the men’s pair, recorded a faster time than Olympic champion Steve Williams racing here with world pair bronze medallist Matt Langridge.

Toby Garbett will also be pleased with his day’s work after transferring as a last minute sub for the injured Josh West* from the single scull event to the men’s pair, he finished fifth with the Army’s Alastair Heathcote.

In the lightweight men’s single scull Rob Williams continues to show promise. He came home ahead of Richard Chambers and James Clarke.

Racing starts tomorrow at 9.30pm with the semi-finals and the finals are due to begin at 4pm, subject to weather conditions.
(Belgium is one hour ahead of the UK)

*CORRECTION TO EARLIER BULLETIN:  Josh West was forced to withdraw from the event today due to injury rather than illness.

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1. Alice Freeman (Wallingford RC)/Carla Ashford (Ox Brookes) 7:09.50
2. Baz Moffat (Thames RC)/Louisa Reeve (Leander Club) 7:14.47
3. Rachel Loveridge (Leander Club)/Jo Cook (Leander Club) 7:21.13
4. Vicky Myers (Leander Club)/Emma Windham (Leander Club) 7:22.46
5. Lindsay Maguire (Wallingford RC)/Briony Cavell (Wallingford RC)  7:26.81

Single scull

1.   Katherine Grainger (St Andrew) 7:22.56
2.   Debbie Flood (Leander) 7:25.27
3.   Annie Vernon (Marlow RC) 7:28.24
4.   Beth Rodford (Thames RC) 7:28.39
5.   Tina Stiller (Nottingham RC) 7:31.58
6.   Elise Laverick (Thames RC) 7:33.32
7.   Sarah Winckless (Walbrook CC) 7:33.83
8.   Olivia Whitlam (Agecroft RC) 7:35.93
9.   Sarah Cowburn (Worcester RC) 7:36.41
10. Vicky Etiebet (Uni of London) 7:43.33
11. Louisa Rowbotham (Leander Club) 7:44.55
12. Ruth Walczak (Uni of London) 7:45.43
13. Florence Temple (Thames RC) 7:49.33
14. Atlanta St John (Wallingford RC) 7:49.79


Single scull

1.  Alan Campbell (Tideway Scullers) 6:44.41
2.  Stephen Rowbotham (Leander Club) 6:49.12
3.  Alex Gregory (Reading Uni) 6:52.66
4.  Brendan Crean (Agecroft) 6:53.23
5.  Bill Lucas (Reading Uni) 6:54.62
6.  Sam Townsend (Reading Uni) 6:57.15
7.  Kieran West (Molesey BC) 6:57.85
8.  Simon Fieldhouse (Molesey BC) 6:59.06


1.  Peter Reed  (Leander Club)/Andy Hodge (Molesey) 6:20.56
2.  Colin Smith (Leander Club)/Tom James (Molesey) 6:21.04
3.  Tom Stallard (Leander Club)/Robin Bourne-Taylor (Army RC) 6:25.29
4.  Steve Williams (Leander Club)/Matt Langridge (Leander Club) 6:25.57
5.  Alastair Heathcote (Army RC)/Toby Garbett (Leander Club) 6:25.92
6.  Alex Partridge (Leander Club)/Rick Egington (Leander Club) 6:28.25
7.  Marcus Bateman (Leander Club)/Tom Lucy (Oxford Brookes) 6:30.19
8.  James Orme (Leander Club)/Ian Lawson (Leander Club) 6:31.86
9. Tom Broadway (Leander Club)/Tom Burton (Leander Club) 6:33.53
10. Tom Solesbury (Molesey)/Tom Parker (Ox Brookes) 6:33.92
11.  Dan Ritchie (Reading Uni)/Mohamed Sbihi (Molesey) 6:35.13
12.  Will Laughton (Imperial)/Cameron Nichol (Uni of London) 6:35.39
13.  George Laughton (Leander Club)/Henry Palmer (Leander Club) 6:37.44
14.  Tom Wilkinson (Leander Club)/Colin Williamson (Leander Club) 6:37.58



Single scull (7)

1.  Helen Casey (Wallingford) 7:40.28
2.  Laura Greenhalgh (Reading Uni) 7:42.85
3.  Sophie Hosking (London RC)  7:43.27
4.  Jane Hall (Leander Club) 7:49.46
5.  Elaine Johnstone (Tideway Scullers) 7:59.04
6.  Anna Townsend (Mortlake Anglian & Alpha BC) 8:05.93
7.  Emma Steel (Durham Uni) 8:13.97


Single scull

1.  Mark Hunter (Leander Club)  6:56.24
2.  Paul Mattick (Wallingford RC) 6:57.26
3.  Alistair Leighton-Crawford (Tideway Scullers School) 6:58.79
4.  Rob Williams (London RC) 6:59.80
5.  Richard Chambers (Oxford Brookes) 7:00.05
6.  James Clarke (London RC) 7:01.21
7.  Simon Jones (Leander Club) 7:01.82
8.  Matt Beechey (Leander Club) 7:02.32
9. Danny Harte (London RC) 7:05.29
10.  Bob Hewitt (Tees RC) 7:07.72
11.  Chris Boddy (Tees RC) 7:08.06
12.  Adam Freeman-Pask (Imperial College) 7:08.54
13.  Alex Woods (Wallingford RC) 7:11.00
14.  Paul Keane (Walton RC) 7:12.77
15.  Ross Hunter (Leander Club) 7:13.53
16.  Oli Mahony (London RC) 7:17.74
17.  Andrew Dax (Leander Club) 7:19.61 

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