Olympics Day 8 – Live Updates

Finals Day

Welcome to the ARA’s live coverage of the Olympic rowing. We’ll be updating this minute by minute as the action happens so keep coming back to get the latest updates. Let us know what you think of the action by emailing [email protected].

Minute by Minute Updates


Great day for Great Britain taking three medals.  We’ll be back tomorrow for 5 more GB finalists and hopefully some more medals!


Great Britain take the gold!

[gold] [gbr] 6:06.57
Silver [aus] 6:07.85
Bronze [fra] 6:09.31
4 [slo] 6:11.62
5 [cze] 6:16.56
6 [ger] 6:19.63




What a last 100m – it’s gold for Great Britain – the Aussies are beaten in the last 500m there.  France take bronze.


Australia in first, GB in second – 3/4 of a length behind.  Slovenia in third.


Australia lead with Slovenia second, GB down in third at the moment.


At the first 500m it’s Australia just ahead of GB and Czech Republic in third.


We’re off!


So onto the big one – the men’s coxless four.  What can GB do in this one?  Starts at 10:30.

Lane Country
1 [fra]
2 [aus]
3 [slo]
4 [gbr]
5 [cze]
6 [ger]

So the full results from the men’s double and it’s another bronze medal for GB.  Well done guys!

Gold [aus] 6:27.77
Silver [est] 6:29.05
Bronze [gbr] 6:29.10
4 [nzl] 6:30.79
5 [fra] 6:33.36
6 [slo] 6:33.96




Australia win gold – photo finish between Estonia and GB but Estonia take the silver.  GB take bronze.


The Aussies still lead a length over GB still in second chased hard by Estonia and New Zeland.


Coming through halfway and it’s the Aussies leading by a length from GB.  Estonia and Slovenia currently in third and fourth.


At 500m it’s Australia leading the field with Slovenia second and GB currently sat in third.


Onto the men’s double sculls -Matt Wells and Steve Rowbotham go from lane 1.

Lane Country
1 [gbr]
2 [est]
3 [aus]
4 [fra]
5 [slo]
6 [nzl]

So first medal for GB – well done girls!

Gold [nzl] 7:07.32
Silver [ger] 7:07.33
Bronze [gbr] 7:07.55
4 [chn] 7:15.85
5 [usa] 7:17.53
6 [cze] 7:25.09

Gold to New Zealand and silver to Germany.




Great last 500m form the GB girls and they finish with the bronze.  It’s a photo finish for gold between New Zealand and Germany.


At 1500m it’s Germany still leading with New Zealand in silver and GB in third.  China about half a length back from GB.


Germany just ahead of New Zealand, China are in third with GB in fourth.


China lead at 500m with Germany in second, very close for third place.  Great Britain just have it at 500, with New Zealand fourth.


So onto the start of the women’s double.  Elise Laverick and Anna Bebington go in lane 2.

Lane Country
1 [ger]
2 [gbr]
3 [nzl]
4 [chn]
5 [usa]
6 [cze]

So Drew Ginn takes his third gold medal in the men’s pair.

Gold [aus] 6:37.44
Silver [can] 6:39.55
Bronze [nzl] 6:44.19
4 [ger] 6:47.40
5 [rsa] 6:47.83
6 [usa] 7:05.58

Australia catch a little crab in the last 250 but still take gold ahead of Canada.  New Zealand gain the bronze medal.


Australia now lead at 1500m by about half a length from Canada.  Canada are three lengths are ahead of New Zealand.  New Zealand about two/three lengths ahead of South Africa.


Canada lead by a few inches from Australia.   New Zealand are in third but a bit back from the leading pair of pairs.


Canada lead at the first 500m, with Australia in second and New Zealand in third.


Start of the men’s pair final.  It’s the last final today that doesn’t have a GB crew in.

Lane Country
1 [rsa]
2 [nzl]
3 [can]
4 [aus]
5 [usa]
6 [ger]

So the full results from that final of the women’s pair.

Gold [rou] 7:20.60
Silver [chn] 7:22.28
Bronze [blr] 7:22.91
4 [ger] 7:25.73
5 [nzl] 7:28.80
6 [gbr] 7:33.61

Romania take the gold with China storming through for silver and Belarus in bronze.  GB finish sixth but they’ll be back for 2012.  Great result just to make the final.


As wecome through 1500m it’s Romania in the gold medal spot with Belarus in silver.  Germany holding onto bronze from China.

GB currently in sixth.


At the halfway mark it’s Romania leading with Belarus in second.  Germany in third, China in fourth with GB in fifth.


Germany take on the lead in the first 500m and come through with Belarus just behind them.  Romania in third but GB currently sat in fourth.


Next up it’s the women’s pair with Olivia Whitlam and Louisa Reeve.  There off in lane 1.

Lane Country
1 [gbr]
2 [nzl]
3 [rou]
4 [blr]
5 [chn]
6 [ger]

Mahe Drysdale is lying flat out on the pontoon now.  He’s really struggling, what a gutsy row from him as ill as he obviously is.


Tufte won that carrying his water bottle donw the course!

Gold [nor] 6:59.83
Silver [cze] 7:00.63
Bronze [nzl] 7:01.56
4 [bel] 7:03.40
5 [gbr] 7:04.47
6 [swe] 7:07.64

At the finish it’s Tufte (6:59.83) who takes gold, Synek takes second, Drysdale takes the bronze.  What a finish!

Campbell finishes fifth but what a gutsy regatta from him.


At 1500m, Drysdalehas pushed out into the lead with Tufte in second.  Alan Campbell in fifth position.


At the halfway mark it’s Tufte just ahead of Campbell. Belgium in third and the world champion Mahe Drysdale in fourth.


At 500m, it’s Alan Campbell leading at 500m with Maeyens and Tufte in third.  Tufte normally hangs back so for him to be up there is unusual.


Onto the first of Team GB’s rowers – Alan Campbell goes in the men’s single final.  Alan’s going in lane 5.

Mahe not looking fully confident – he’s got weed in his lane and it appears to have thrown him a bit.

Lane Country
1 [bel]
2 [nor]
3 [swe]
4 [cze]
5 [gbr]
6 [nzl]

So the full results from that last final.

Gold [bul] 7:22.34
Silver [usa] 7:22.78
Bronze [blr] 7:23.98
4 [chn] 7:25.48
5 [cze] 7:35.52
6 [pol] 7:43.44

Gold for Bulgaria, USA take silver and Belarus take bronze.


At 1500m, Bulgaria lead and Karsten from Belarus in second.  USA in third. Czech Republic blew from lane 1 there.



Czech Republic in first length on Bulgaria with Belarus still in third.  China just outside the medals at the moment.


At the 500m it’s the Czech Republic leading with Bulgaria second and Belarus in bronze medal position.


Almost ready for the first race which goes off at 8:30.  We’re starting with the final of the women’s single.

Lane Country
1 [cze]
2 [usa]
3 [chn]
4 [blr]
5 [bul]
6 [pol]

Welcome to today’s live updates.  We’ve got 5 boats going for Great Britain today starting with Alan Campbell in the men’s single at 8:50.

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