Barry Wood – ‘he is Bradford ARC’ – Lifetime Achievement winner

Barry Wood is the Yorkshire Region’s nomination for the Volunteer of the Year awards and was awarded the ARA Lifetime Achievement Award – a new category for 2008.

“Barry isn’t just a member of Bradford ARC –  he is Bradford ARC.” 

Barry joined Bradford ARC in 1957 and has been its faithful servant ever since. There is nothing Barry hasn’t done or wouldn’t do for the club.  Not only has he represented Bradford ARC as a rower, but he has coxed, coached and umpired for the Club. 

Over the years Barry has served on the Committee as (amongst other things) President, Secretary, Treasurer and Captain and now holds the position of Facilities Manager. Barry has helped with projects a big as building extensions to the clubhouse, including drawing up the plans and tender documents, and overseen the project from start to finish. 

He also deals with the smaller maintenance jobs around the grounds, river, and buildings as well as boat maintenance, housekeeping and bar work, all of which keep the club up and running.  Barry has recently put a lot of time into the club’s development plan, and has taught himself computer-aided design in order to draw up plans for proposed building works.

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