Junior rowers impress at February trials in Boston

The first GB Rowing Team junior trials of 2016 took place in Boston, Lincolnshire at the weekend.

There were some impressive performances from the 300 teenage rowers who took to the River Witham for the February Assessment.

The next step on the path to selection for this summer’s international competitions – including the J16 match versus France, the Coupe de la Jeunesse and the World Junior Championships in Rotterdam – is the invitation-only Spring Assessments from March 22-25 in Nottingham.



Single scull

1. Lucy Glover (Warrington RC)

2. Hattie Orr (Shiplake Vikings RC)

3. Emma Andrews (Putney High School)

4. Lottie Orr (Henley RC)

5. Alex Rankin (Glasgow Schools RC)

6. Georgie Robinson Ranger (Henley RC)

7. Meg Saunders (Tideway Scullers School)

8. Annabel Stevens (Reading RC)

9. Sheryl Blackett (Reading RC)

10. Danielle Semple (Headington School Oxford)




1. Adam Teece/Tom Digby (Abingdon School)

2. Oswald Stocker/Nicholas Plaut (Westminster School)

3. Seb Benzecry/Freddie Davidson (St Paul’s School)

4. Marcus Jonas/Alex Waller (Tideway Scullers School)

5. Dom Jackson (Hampton School)/Oliver Ayres (Molesey BC)

6. Casper Woods/Bertie Woodward-Fisher (St Paul’s School)

7. Francis Baring/Felix Drinkall (Eton College)

8. James Plaut/Oskar Arzt-Jones (Westminster School)

9. William Allen/Alexander Williams (Westminster School)

10. Hugo Durward/Tobias Schroder (Winchester College)

Double scull

1. Sam Champion (Isle of Ely)/James Mawby (Nottingham RC)

2. George Lawton/Harry Taylor (Northwich RC)

3. Gregor Duncan (ASRA)/Josh Armstrong (Glasgow Schools RC)

4. Ryan Morrison (Glasgow Schools RC)/Robbie Crowther (City of Oxford)

5. Alex Kelly (Thames RC)/James Beattie (Kings Worcester)

6. Callum Sullivan (Globe RC)/Cormac Molloy (Tiffin School)

7. Ben Smith/Oliver Costley (Claires Court School BC)

8. Finlay Gronmark (Claires Court School BC)/Tyler Skow (ASL)

9. Joe Wolfin (Sir William Borlase)/Victor Kleshnev (Maidenhead RC)

10. William Jacobs (The Windsor Boys’ School/Max Leflave-Manley (Monkton Combe School)



Single scull

1. Freyja Sendall (Reading RC)

2. Siobhan Samuel (Globe RC)

3. Holly Dunford (Molesey BC)

4. Jenny Hallsworth (Trentham BC)

5. Georgia-May Frye (Wallingford RC)

6. Clare Jackson (LEH BC)

7. Rachel Ozsanlav-Harris (Warrington RC)

8. Bella Barlow (Nottingham RC)

9. Jane Hardie (George Heriots School)

10. Charlotte Fennell (Marlow RC)



Single scull

1. Edoardo Marshall (Maidenhead RC)

2. Ethan O’Connor (RGS High Wycombe RC)

3. Jake Offiler (Globe RC)

4. Elliott Kemp (Maidenhead RC)

5. Cameron Spurling (Kingston Grammar School BC)

6. Alex Langstone Bolt (St Paul’s School)

7. Tom Shewell (The Windsor Boys’ School)

8. Oli Newton (Tideway Scullers School)

9. Bruce Turnell (Henley RC)

10. Connor Guerin (Warrington RC)