Voices – Row to Rio #3

Considered the eyes and the ears of the boat, hear how the GB Rowing Team coxes propel on our rowers.


Zoe de Toledo, GB Rowing Team

The competitive streak within the GB Rowing Team doesn’t stop with the rowers but emanates through the coxes who propel them on to achieve their best. Considered the eyes and the ears, the coxes provide the link between the coach and the athletes to ensure nothing is left by the time their crew crosses the finish line.

Head to YouTube to check out our short film to see how the coxes prepare their crews for the best performance of their lives during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

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Join us on the journey in this third of a 10-part series in the run up to Rio 2016. If you missed the previous episodes, ‘Dreams’ or ‘The Ultimate Test’, check them out to find out what Rio means to our athletes and how the indoor rowing machine will help them get there.

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