Do you secure your riggers?

Recently, there have been several preventable incidents caused by quick release wing riggers becoming loose or partially detached, these have resulted in capsizes. If not correctly fitted the wing rigger may feel secure but can easily become loose if it is knocked.


Wing rigger image. Courtesy of OarSport

British Rowing has worked with Oarsport, the supplier of WinTech equipment, who has now produced guidance on how to secure quick release wing riggers to boats and how to adjust the clamping mechanisms.

Although this process is a simple one, if the steps are not correctly followed, and the appropriate level of care is not taken, then the consequences can be very unfavorable.

This step by step process, provided by Oarsport, will help take you through the process of fitting a wing rigger securely: WinTech Quick Release Wing Rigger Fitting

Alternatively, please watch the video provided by Oarsport here.

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