Urgent appeal for equipment!

Recycle your old equipment and enable a new generation of international athletes to compete!


Buffalo rowers and coaches helping kids from Mthatha & Queenstown

Rowing South Africa, with help from Buffalo Rowing Club, is on a mission to introduce rowing to places where it has never been before.

Through their Development weekends with Buffalo Rowing Club, they have succeeded in introducing thousands of young athletes to the sport and getting them mad about rowing on indoor rowing machines (ergos).

The next phase will see the organisation extend their provision of on-water rowing opportunities. To date they have sourced suitable water and the athletes (mostly juniors) have been travelling for miles to borrow boats. They are now sending an urgent call out to all clubs in the UK for old equipment which will be transported to South Africa, with any repairs required being undertaken on arrival.

Boats in particular are required, but blades & ergos are also needed.

If you’re in the process of clearing out your boatshed ahead of the new season and can donate to this appeal, please contact Ryan Demaine on 07903 728 679 or ryandemaine@gmail.com .

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