New British Rowing Go Row Indoor 20 minute workout video now available

Join Go Row Indoor Instructor Clare for the new 20 minute Go Row Indoor workout

Indoor rowing is proving to be the fitness trend of 2018, with British Rowing’s original 20 minute Go Row Indoor workout now having reached over 100,000 views on the British Rowing YouTube channel.

As a result of the overwhelmingly positive response to the original 20 minute Go Row Indoor workout, British Rowing has now released the hotly anticipated follow-up which offers a new indoor rowing workout that packs a punch.

Both Go Row Indoor 20 minute workout videos combine indoor rowing and circuit-based exercises. The videos have been produced to allow anyone to row along, at home or at the gym, with on-screen instructions that mean you can use it with or without sound.

The brand new 20-minute workout video is now available to the public, having been launched exclusively in the March edition of the Go Row Indoor newsletter. As well as helping to get new people active on the indoor rowing machine, the workout video has also been very popular with rowing coaches, with lots of junior coaches using the video for winter training.

The workout video is supported by the British Rowing indoor rowing technique video with double Olympic champion Alex Gregory. This technique video ensures anyone who is new to rowing can learn the correct technique to take full advantage of the British Rowing online training resources.

Fi Wyatt, who has had a rowing machine at home for eight years but has only recently started rowing using the Go Row Indoor 20 minute workout video said:

“I had my appendix out in the summer and became really unfit. My usual mode of exercise is power walking or jogging. This winter the weather has been colder, wetter and snowier than for a long time, which is one of the reasons I gave indoor rowing a go.

“I took on the 20-minute workout video and was surprised about how much I enjoyed it. The exercises in between rowing ensured that muscles were stretched adequately which is great for someone like me who is trying to avoid injuries.

“Having used the video now for nearly three weeks, four times a week, I can clearly see a massive difference already; toning up everywhere and feeling stronger. I went for a jog today and where I would normally walk up this long hill I managed to jog all the way up! That’s definitely a first.

“I will definitely continue to use the indoor rowing machine as part of my fitness regime. Not only do I feel physically fitter, I feel happier knowing that I can train whatever the weather. There is no excuse now!”

British Rowing’s Go Row Indoor Instructor, Clare Holman said: “The combination of indoor rowing, which is a full body workout using 85% of your muscles, and circuit-based exercises ensures you are making the most of your workout time. The exercises included in this new workout video complement your indoor rowing by focusing on core strength and stability, which is hugely important in rowing.”

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