Ten tips for eating healthy for those on a budget or short on time

Eating good quality food will have a big impact on both your health and performance.


We know that sometimes eating well isn’t always easy, if you are stuck for time or managing your budget. Here are ten tips that could help you with both and that you could start today:

  1. Make a shopping list and plan your meals for the week
  2. Plan snacks and lunches to take with you while you are out during the day
  3. Use cheaper vegetable proteins such as pulses (i.e. beans, peas and lentils) to bulk out meat dishes
  4. Compare prices when you shop, look at price per 100g or per 1kg
  5. Buy store brands rather than brand name products
  6. Avoid buying at convenience stores which tend to be more pricey
  7. Cook in bulk and store in tupperwares to make food portable and freezable
  8. Buy a water bottle to fill with water or squash and try and keep this with you throughout the day
  9. Buy fruit and vegetables from local markets and in season
  10. Keep some frozen fruit and vegetables in the freezer