COVID-Secure test competition to be run on the Tyne

Tyne Single Scullers Head will be held as a test competition helping further develop British Rowing’s Return to Rowing guidance


Photo Credit: Al Johnston

To help provide the best possible advice to Affiliated Competitions looking to organise COVID-Secure competitions, British Rowing is working with the committee of Tyne Single Scullers Head to host a test competition. Learnings from the event will then be built into British Rowing’s Return to Rowing guidance. The competition was selected by British Rowing as it provides the opportunity to test many aspects of our guidance in a controlled environment.

The competition will be run as a Private Match with entry by invitation only on 20 September with dispensation from the National Competition Committee to include more than 4 clubs. Entries will be appropriately limited to support the implementation of COVID-Secure guidance whilst providing a suitable test of the guidance with larger numbers of entrants.

After the event, British Rowing will continue to work with the Organising Committee to review the procedures and guidance and will communicate this along with template supporting documents from the event. If deemed appropriate, British Rowing may organise further test competitions to help develop the Return to Rowing guidance.

Please do not contact the Organising Committee to ask to enter the test competition, they are volunteers, giving up their time to organise this event and entries are strictly by invite-only.