Safety: Look for and after others

Stephen Worley, British Rowing’s Honorary Rowing Safety Advisor, provides advice on how we can ensure the safety of other water users.


Imagine; there you are, having fun afloat, or trying to better your personal best. Remember that you may not be alone. Remember that there may be paddleboarders, or kayakers, or wild swimmers ahead.

Just because you have the fastest boat around, that does give you any priority. It actually means that you should take extra care.

Please keep a good lookout ahead. If that means that you have to ask your bow rower to look ahead then do it. If you are a cox then do not hide behind the “cox’s blind spot” excuse. Check ahead at bends and other opportunities. If you still can’t see what is there then lean to one side then the other. If that does not work then stop, it is not safe for you to continue!

Please remember that paddleboarders, kayakers and swimmers are people too, and keep them safe.