Team Selected for Historic GB v France J16 Match

After an enforced break since 2019, the GB Rowing Team has selected a full strength team to race at the Olympic venue of Vaires sur Marne on Thursday, 7 July 2022 for the 40th edition of the GB v France J16 Match.


The GB v France J16 Match is a 1,500m head-to-head race between the two countries who each take it in turn to host the competition.

Peter Sheppard, Deputy Director of Olympic Pathways said: “The GB v France J16 Match is the first step on British Rowing’s Olympic Performance Pathway and gives athletes the opportunity to represent their country and experience a pre-competition camp, team travel, and international competition.”

“A strength of the team selection is that, with the exception of the 8+, crews are made up of rowers from single rowing programmes which promotes strong club units who have trained together and have had a good season of domestic racing. It will be exciting to see how the next generation of young rowers perform when they are side by side against the French.”


Men’s Single sculls M1x 

Jakob Truter (The Windsor Boys School)

Ben Liddell (Coach) (The Windsor Boys School)


Women’s single sculls W1x

Leah Saunders (Evesham Rowing Club)

Jacob Organ (Coach) (Evesham Rowing Club)


Men’s double sculls M2x 

Jonathan Martini (City of Bristol Rowing Club)

Sasha Tomlinson (City of Bristol Rowing Club)

Alex Heslop (Coach) (City of Bristol Rowing Club)


Women’s double sculls W2x

Katie Breeze (Marlow Rowing Club)

Mia Lawrence (Marlow Rowing Club)

Flora Robertson (coach) (Marlow Rowing Club)


Men’s quadruple sculls M4x

Jack Duggan (Tideway Scullers School)

Angus Lawrie (Tideway Scullers School)

Thomas Patrick (Tideway Scullers School)

Morley Pendred (Tideway Scullers School)

Chris Williams (Coach) (Tideway Scullers School)


Women’s quadruple sculls W4x 

Matilda Macartney (Henley Rowing Club)

Gwennie Hunter (Henley Rowing Club)

Tabitha Hall (Henley Rowing Club)

Freya Weiser (Henley Rowing Club)

Ryan Seager (Coach) (Henley Rowing Club)


Men’s pair M2- 

Harry Springett (Walton Rowing Club)

Henry Howells (Walton Rowing Club)

Paul Wilkinson (Coach) (Walton Rowing Club)


Women’s pair W2-

Sofia Nielsen (Glasgow Academy Rowing Club)

Kloe Hunter (Glasgow Academy Rowing Club)

Mary Massaro (Coach) (Glasgow Academy Rowing Club)


Men’s four M4- 

Oliver Buxo-Copp (Westminster School Boat Club)

Ryder Apatu (Westminster School Boat Club)

Thomas Lewis-Ward (Westminster School Boat Club)

Timothy Gutsev (Westminster School Boat Club)

Dave Loveday (Coach) (Westminster School Boat Club)


Women’s four W4-

Emily Simmons (Henley Rowing Club)

Daisy Janes (Henley Rowing Club)

Sophie Eltze (Henley Rowing Club)

Florence Lenthall (Henley Rowing Club)

David Lister (Coach) (Henley Rowing Club)


Men’s coxed four M4+ 

Oscar Baily (Latymer Upper School Boat Club)

Alec Wild (Latymer Upper School Boat Club)

Leo Hainlein (Latymer Upper School Boat Club)

Jack Fell (Latymer Upper School Boat Club)

Marnie Graham Maw (cox) (Latymer Upper School Boat Club)

Nik Laws (Coach) (Latymer Upper School Boat Club)


Women’s coxed four W4+

Anna Merritt (Henley Rowing Club)

Sophia Spanswick (Henley Rowing Club)

Ella Dickson (Henley Rowing Club)

Emma Eltze (Henley Rowing Club)

Matilda Alice Ley (cox) (Henley Rowing Club)

Ellie Harkin (Coach) (Henley Rowing Club)


Men’s eight M8+

William Lowrie (Radley College Boat Club)

Rupert Gray (Radley College Boat Club) 

Bob Rawlinson (Radley College Boat Club)

Hector Harvey (Radley College Boat Club)

Laurenz Orlando (St Paul’s School Boat Club)

Nathan Fairclough (St Paul’s School Boat Club)

Rohan Suri (St Paul’s School Boat Club)

Samuel Fowlie (St Paul’s School Boat Club)

Lexi Blampied (cox) (Radley College Boat Club)

David Zimmer (Coach) (Radley College Boat Club)


Women’s eight W8+ 

Andrea Isla-Pujol (Surbiton High School Boat Club)

Phoebe Williams (Surbiton High School Boat Club)

Steffi Brewer (Surbiton High School Boat Club)

Leah Farquharson (Surbiton High School Boat Club)

Emily Simpson (Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association)

Charlotte Arthur (Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association)

Tamara Brew (Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association)

Margaret Seward (Aberdeen Schools Rowing Association)

Eli Fine (cox) (Surbiton High School Boat Club)

Flo Griffith (Coach) (Surbiton High School Boat Club)


Spare rowers 

Harvey Burford (Chester le Street Amateur Rowing Club)

Kayleigh Batchelor (Shanklin Sandown Rowing Club)


Support Team

CD Riches Team Manager

Ellie Hizzett Assistant Team Manager

Katherine Vials Physiotherapist

Sean Boret Equipment Manager / Driver

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