Coaches and rowers invited to participate in research on mental fatigue

A PhD student at the University of Derby wishes to recruit up to six coaches and athletes to participate in a qualitative study on the effects of mental fatigue on the performance and health of athletes


Cameron Hartley, a PhD student at the University of Derby, is working to develop a sport specific mental fatigue scale that can be used as part of an athlete monitoring tool kit by sporting teams and researchers interested in the studying the effects of mental fatigue on the performance and health of athletes.

Cameron explains, “Currently, mental fatigue research in sport science is limited and a lot of the tools used to measure mental fatigue have not been rigorously tested for validity and reliability. To develop a robust and validated tool to measure mental fatigue I will be following a three-phase framework to develop and validate a scale, based on the primer by Boateng et al (2018). The three phases are:

  1. Item development
  2. Scale development
  3. Scale evaluation.

“This qualitative study will collect the relevant data for phase 1 and aim to generate items, through focus groups, that could be used to develop a sport-specific mental fatigue scale.

“Once informed consent had been gained, the athletes and coaches would be invited to participate in a 90-minute online focus group in which they will be asked questions around their perceptions of mental fatigue in sport.” Further information is available in this Participant information sheet.

Those interested in participating or with further questions should contact Cameron direct at [email protected].

Note that British Rowing is not involved with this research in any capacity other than sharing the opportunity to participate in the study as advertised above and cannot be held responsible for any impact arising from involvement in this research.