Notice of Competition published for the 2023 British Rowing Junior Championships

The Organising Committee is looking forward to welcoming athletes, coaches, spectators and volunteers back to the loch at Strathclyde Park for 2023


The Race Management Group of the British Rowing Junior Championships has been looking at a new programme, to ensure that we can accommodate competitors, coaches and volunteers in the best way possible across the three days of competition.

The changes have been made based on the principle that we wish for athletes to have the best possible race experience, and to allow for fairer doubling-up between events.

Please find the full notice of competition here

The key changes are as follows:

  • Events shall be completed within one day. This decision has been made to aid coaches, athletes and spectators in organising their travel arrangements in the most efficient way possible.
  • Events with 13 or fewer entries will not have a time trial, but progress straight into heats and repechages. This is to maximise the number of side-by-side races offered to competitors, as the possibility of 7 lane racing at Strathclyde allows more crews to be accommodated in each race.
  • Events with 6 or fewer entries will have a race for lanes, then a final. This is to ensure that all crews have a minimum of 2 races in a day, subject to conditions.
  • Following the format we have used for several years, events with 14 or more crews will have a time trial, with the top twelve crews progressing to semi-finals, then an A/B Final. The remainder will move onto minor finals.
  • Given this format, crews will not be able to double up on a day. The hope is that this will allow crews to truly experience the championship, focusing on one event per day. The Race Management Group has done its best to hold the events in which doubling up is expected over adjacent days to allow clubs to enter as many events as they might expect to, but an effort to keep the race days even for the benefit of coaches, crews and volunteers mean that this might not always be the case.
  • J16/J18 events will now start on Friday.

These changes have been made with careful consideration of previous competition formats, as well as feedback received from coaches and those responsible for organising accommodation and transport for crews. It will also allow for a more even distribution of races across the competition, which will benefit all those involved, including crews, coaches and volunteers.

The Organising Committee of the British Rowing Junior Championships is looking forward to welcoming athletes, coaches, spectators and volunteers back to the loch at Strathclyde Park for 2023.

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