New British appointments to World Rowing Commissions 

Dr Adrian Champion, a World Rowing Umpire and physics and meteorology expert, has joined the Equipment and Technology Commission, and British Rowing Chair Mark Davies has joined the Indoor Rowing Commission


In addition, Guin Batten was also re-appointed as Chair of the Coastal Rowing Commission at the 2023 World Congress in Belgrade.

The two new appointments add to an already impressive roster of British representation at World Rowing including nine of its 13 Commissions as well as the World Rowing Executive Committee and Council and European Rowing. Other Britons involved are:

Athletes Commission: Benjamin Pritchard
Coaching Development Cross Commission: Rosie Mayglothling (Chair), Guin Batten and Simon Goodey
Coastal Rowing Commission: Guin Batten (Chair)
Competitive Rowing Commission: Rosie Mayglothling (Chair)
Events Commission: John Hedger
Masters Commission: Gary Bain
Para Rowing Commission: Simon Goodey
Executive Committee: Rosie Mayglothling

Honorary Council Members: Mike Sweeney and Mike Williams.

More about World Rowing Commissions

Annamarie Phelps is President of European Rowing, which is recognised by World Rowing as the Continental Confederation for Europe.

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