New cox development resources launched

Free materials are now available in RowHow for clubs to run workshops on coxing classic, fixed seat and coastal boats


These workshops have been produced by British Rowing’s Learning, Education and Development Team in response to many requests for cox development resources from the rowing community, and from coastal rowers and clubs in particular.

The workshops are designed to be run by clubs at their own rowing venues. There are three versions, for Classic Rowing, Fixed Seat and Coastal Rowing. The materials comprise:

  • Tutor resources: a presentation and tutor notes (including a practical assessment and a fun off-water ‘sorting cards’ game)
  • Learner resources: a handbook, workbook and log book
  • A completion certificate for clubs to iussue to coxes who have completed the assedssment.

The coxing workshop materials can be download in RowHow, our Education and Training portal.

Access the Coxing Workshops

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